10 photos from our time in Seoul I really love

Photography is a big part of mine and Paul’s travel experience. Every day while travelling, we set out with our camera and try our best to capture the essence of the place we are visiting through the lens. On our recent trip to Korea and Japan we were particularly determined to take good photographs as it was our first time overseas after purchasing our first DSLR camera – we’d always used a Canon Powershot beforehand (and been really happy with it).

As we always do while travelling, we took hundreds of photos in Korea so whittling them down to the ones we liked  was a hard task. For the purpose of this blog, I whittled them down even further and managed to pick my 10 favourites. Here’s the photos we took in Korea I love the most.

Gangnam at night

Gangnam, Seoul, at night.

Namsan Tower Seoul

Namsan Tower, Seoul.

Namsan Tower Seoul

Suwon, a city around 30 minutes outside Seoul.

Street food stall in Korea

Street food stall in Suwon.

Korean Hanbok Seoul

Women in hanbok, traditional Korean dress, Seoul’s Gyeongbokgung Palace in the background.

Hipster Seongsu Seoul

Seongsu, Seoul’s hipster neighbourhood.

Seongsu Seoul

A couple in a cafe in Seongsu.


Noksapyeong, Seoul.

Seoul couple in love

Noksapyeong, Seoul.

Cute dog in Seoul

A dog. (Okay, I know it’s not the most culturally significant photo of Seoul but it’s a dog wearing floral patterned shorts looking at the camera and smiling so it makes the top ten).

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