16 little things I’m looking forward to in Korea

Two days ’til we’re back in Korea. I already know when we step out into the Seoul streets it will feel like we’ve never left. I think when you live in a place then leave, it’s the little everyday things you miss the most. Here are 16 things I’m looking forward to experiencing when I go back.

Korean food Korea

  1. The cream filled pastry puffs from Paris Baguette
  2. Ordering a green tea latte from Cafe Bene (okay, you can get Green Tea Lattes in the UK now but for ages you couldn’t after I got back. And it was in Korea I got hooked on them).
  3. Going up to the sixth floor of a building to go to a bar or restaurant nestled amongst tons of other things.
  4. Sitting outside a GS25 or 7/11 with a beer (sadly, since I left, Family Mart is no more).
  5. Noraebangs. The proper old school ones with terrible music videos and the tasteless green hula hoops on the table.
  6. Banchan with dinner.
  7. The energetic, insane singing floats for elections. I don’t know if there are any elections in Korea just now. There always seemed to be elections.
  8. Pressing a button on your table in a bar to order a drink.
  9. The little song that plays on the Seoul subway when you pull into an interchange station.
  10. T money card.
  11. Neon lights, up to the sky and as far as the eye can see.
  12. Korean barbecue.
  13. The 24 hour culture. At three am, being able to go to a bar, shop or spa, if the notion takes you
  14. How a muzak version of “Let It Be” plays when you pull into Seoul Station on the train (wonder if it still does this?)
  15. How the convenience stores have microwaves and hot water so you can buy Ramen and cook it in there.
  16. Love Motels. Super cheap, clean, comfortable and possibly a heart shaped Jacuzzi in your room.

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