Hello. My name is Maureen. Welcome to my blog. Mo In The World is place where I share my travel stories, opinions and musings.

My love affair with travel began nine years ago when I was 23 years old. After saving up for years, my boyfriend Paul and I set off for a year long trip around the world, taking in South East Asia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada and Central America, with a stint working in Australia in the middle. A year turned into eighteen months and our love of travel was born.

After returning to Scotland, I moved to South Korea for two years to teach English. This experience opened up the opportunity to visit more countries near Korea, like China and Japan.

I left Korea and returned to Scotland five years ago where I have lived ever since. Even though I am pretty settled now, and working full time, I still make travel a priority in my life and use my annual leave to pack in as much travelling as I can. At this point I have visited 34 countries.

At Mo In The World my aim is to combine travel tips and guides with wider travel musings. I hope to show readers it is possible to travel, even if you might think it isn’t. I believe travel can range from packing up your entire life and catching a flight to the furthest flung destination (which is what I did) to making the most of your time off to go somewhere different (which is what I do now).   It’s about seeing places and doing things that inspire you, broadens your mind and provides you with rich memories you can look back on for a lifetime.

If you take one thing from this little corner of the internet, I hope it is that.