Cambridge England: A Photo Essay

Last week we visited our friend Neil in Cambridge. We’d already been to Cambridge before and visited all the main tourists sights so this trip was more about catching up and relaxing. We did go on a punting trip though. Poor Neil had to punt the entire time due to Paul’s dodgy knee and the realisation during my attempt that if I continued we’d probably all end up in the River Cam clinging on to the wooden boat like Jack and Rose at the end of Titanic.

As is typical of our times spent with Neil, it was a very fun trip that included a good amount of wine, juvenile jokes, 90s music and a (rare for me and Paul) jaunt to a night club. I’ve posted some photos (not of the aforementioned activities) below.

Also, if you read my previous post about anti tourism, you’ll see Neil’s thoughts on the subject. Summer time is peak tourism season for Cambridge and the River Cam was very busy with punting tourists.

Here’s my photo essay of Cambridge.

Cambridge Venice

At certain spots, Cambridge could be mistaken for Venice.

Cambridge Black and White

The famous Bridge of Sighs in black and white.

Cambridge England

The River Cam and boats.

Cambridge tourists

Peak tourist season in Cambridge.

St Johns Cambridge

St John’s College, Cambridge University. According to Neil, St John’s is the Slytherin of Cambridge University and there’s a song that goes “I’d rather be at Oxford than St John’s.”

Cambridge Punting Tourists

Got to take those photos.

Cambridge Photo Black and White

A black and white shot of all that punting.

Trinity College Cambridge

Trinity College, Neil’s old college at Cambridge University.

Cambridge Mathematical Bridge

Punting past the Mathematical Bridge.

Cambridge Punts

Punts and flowers.

Cambridge Punting River Cam

We walked to nearby Grantchester on Sunday which you can punt the whole way along the river to.

None of these photos are on my Etsy Shop as yet but if you’d like to purchase any as wall art, comment below and I’ll put them up.

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