This Is How Much Our Trip To The Loire Valley Cost

Our first overseas trip of 2018 has been booked! In June we are attending our friends Julie and Johnny’s wedding in Suevres in France’s Loire Valley, Julie’s home town.

Book a trip to the Loire Valley

When we first received the invitation to the wedding we definitely knew we wanted to go (as well as seeing friends get married, what a wonderful setting in an area of the French countryside famous for its vineyards and chateaus) but we were slightly apprehensive, as flights to smaller destinations not near a major city can often be expensive and infrequent.

As it turned out, booking our a trip to the Loire Valley was a lot cheaper and easier than we expected. Here’s how we did it.

Flights To The Loire Valley

We considered several options for getting to the Loire Valley from Glasgow. The nearest airport to Suevres is in Tours and are two ways we can fly there; direct from Edinburgh or via Stansted in London, both on Ryanair.

Both flights are on the Thursday (the wedding is on the Saturday) and both posed problems: they resulted in getting into Tours late which meant no time to explore the sights of the Loire Valley (there’s a wine tasting organised on the Friday, a post wedding lunch on the Saturday and the flight back is on the Monday) and it would also have meant missing the France vs Peru World Cup game which Paul was hoping to watch in an exciting atmosphere amongst locals.

We also considered flying to Paris earlier on the Thursday, watching the game there, then getting the train down to Tours on the Friday. But this added an extra £200 to the trip which we didn’t feel was worth it (we’ve been to Paris before and there’s every chance we will go again as it’s so cheap and easy to get to from Glasgow).

With none of these options quite what we were looking for, we extended our search to other airports in the Loire Valley area and found a flight from Stansted to Poitiers on the Wednesday on Ryanair. We then found a train from Poitiers to Tours which takes 30 minutes, gets in at 7pm and costs 10 Euros.

On the way back on the Monday we are flying from Tours to Stansted then Stansted to Glasgow on Ryanair.

Hotels In The Loire Valley

On the Wednesday and the Thursday night we are staying in Tours in its Ibis Hotel. Julie went to university in Tours and she said it is a really beautiful and fun city.

On Friday we are heading over to this campsite close to the wedding venue where we’ve booked a lodge for the Friday and Saturday night. Many of the wedding guests are staying at the campsite and I’m predicting a few late night drinking sessions!

On Sunday we’re heading to Blois, the nearest town, as it is easier to get from there to Tours where we’re flying back from than it is to get from the campsite to Tours. We’re staying in its Ibis Hotel for one night.

I would appreciate any travel advice on Loire Valley from those who have visited before. We have approximately one and a half days to explore before the wedding festivities begin. Any tips on what we should prioritise?

Cost Of Our Trip To The Loire Valley (For Both Me and Paul)

Flights from Glasgow to Stansted (Ryanair): £38

Flights from London to Stansted (Ryanair): £48

Flights from Tours to Stansted (Ryanair): £37

Flights from Stansted to Glasgow (Ryanair): £30

Tours hotel (two nights ): £81

Blois hotel (one night): £45

Two nights in campsite in Suevres: £110

Total cost of our trip to the Loire Valley for both me and Paul: £389

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