This is how we booked our trip to Cambridge

Paul and I are spending this weekend in Cambridge, the English town famous for its university and punting on the River Cam (punts are little wooden boats which are steered by a sort of wooden stick, if you haven’t heard of it before). We have a friend who lives there so we’ll be staying with him. It’s a fleeting visit – flying out after work on Friday, staying Friday and Saturday night, then flying back on Sunday in time for work on Monday.

Cambridge England

We have visited Cambridge before but it was in December so it will be nice to visit in the summer. Although, my colleague was there a few weeks ago and she said it was crazily busy with tourists to the point where there was punting traffic jams on the River Cam and massive crowds of people outside each university building. Eep! However, we saw most of the Cambridge sights on our last visit so this trip will probably be mostly spent relaxing and catching up with our friend.

It was actually me who alerted my colleague to the possibility of visiting Cambridge. She asked me how I was getting there and I told her I was flying to London Stanstead airport. A lot of people don’t realise Stanstead Airport is just a 40 minute train journey from Cambridge.

Not only that, Stanstead is a cheap airline hub. Two return flights from Glasgow to Stanstead, via Easyjet, were just £95.

An off peak return train ticket from Stanstead to Cambridge is £30.2o.

I’ll be documenting my Camrbridge trip on Instagram stories (although, as I said, I saw all the tourist sights on our last visit so I don’t know how many I’ll see this time) so you can follow along if you like.

Also, I am selling a number of Cambridge Prints on our Etsy shop if you’d like to buy some Cambridge Wall Art.

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