10 Of Our Photos From 2017 I Really Love

Photography is a hugely important part of mine and Paul’s travels. What began ten years ago as a vague interest has turned into almost an obsession as we spend much of our time on our trips trying to capture the best shots.¬†Obsession is a word that has negative connotations but we really enjoy the hours we spend each day focusing on photography and it has¬†lead us to become much more aware of our surroundings. That Brutalist era building, that elderly person gazing out over their balcony, that sunset painting the sky pink; everything we see is a piece of art waiting to be captured. In fact, we’ve started selling our photographs on our Etsy Shop.

Last year our photography jumped up a notch as we swapped our trusty Canon Powershot sx60, which had served us brilliantly for years, for our first DLSR, a Canon 750D. While our quickfire street photography style doesn’t serve swapping lenses well, we have massively noticed the difference in quality. Here’s 10 photos we took in 2017 it took I really love.

Shibuya Crossing Tokyo

Shibuya Crossing Tokyo

Glasgow at Christmas Santa Dash

Santa Dash, Glasgow

Gangnam at nightGangnam, Seoul

Shibuya at night

Shinjuku, Tokyo

Mori Tower View Tokyo

Tokyo view from Mori Tower, Roppongi

Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo

International Workers Day Demonstration Hamburg

Worker’s Day demonstration, Hamburg

Namsan Tower Seoul

Suwon, South Korea

Yurakucho under railway tracks

Yurakucho, Tokyo

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