5 Places In The World I Really Want To Visit Next

With the year coming to a close, I’m already thinking of where I want to travel in 2018. At the moment nothing is booked so it’s a clean slate, which I find thrilling. Nothing excites me more than thinking of memories yet to be created. I love the thought that in a year’s time I’ll be looking back at my favourite moments of 2018 when now I have absolutely no idea what they will be. 

I’ve shared the five places which are next on my list to visit. There’s very little chance I’ll get to see them all next year but hopefully a few of them will make up my travel memories of 2018.

Want to travel next

Back to the USA

Okay, I told a bit of a fib in the intro above – I said we have no idea where we will be travelling next year but we are hopeful we’ll end 2018 in the USA. We travelled around the USA in 2009 and it is still my favourite country to visit; I’ve always been intent to go back. We have been to New York several times before but always in summer so I’d love to experience some of the New York Christmas magic: the tree at the Rockefeller centre, the ice rink at Central Park, the Christmas displays at the big department stores. Basically I want a real life experience of Home Alone 2. Hopefully we’ll get to visit some other places in the USA too; we didn’t go to Miami last time, a city I would love to experience. There’s lots of US cities I’d be delighted to visit for a second time like Los Angeles and Chicago. I’d also be interested in going to lesser visited cities like Denver and Charleston. I have a feeling the destinations on this trip will be difficult to narrow down.


I have never been to Russia and I really want to go. It is a country which fascinates me, a world superpower which holds so much intrigue with a strong identity unlike anywhere else in the world. I want to experience the place which has Putin as its president, the swirling domes of the Red Square in its capital, Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky as its writers and straight vodka at its tipple. I’ve heard the best way to travel through Russia is by train and although I don’t think I’ll do the Trans Siberian I would like to get the train between St Petersburg and Moscow which isn’t too long a journey. With the USA my big trip next year it is unlikely I’ll visit Russia in 2018 (even though they are hosting the World Cup and it certainly would be fun to visit then) but it’ll be top of the list for 2019.


I’ve been to Rome and Milan but have yet to visit the south of Italy and I am desperate to see Naples. I’ve just started reading The Neapolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante which is famous for its rich descriptions of a city pulsating with energy, of warring neighbourhoods, laundry flapping from balconies, streets packed with fruit and veg stalls and teenage boys screeching down the stradone in their shiny new cars. I bet the tattered, graffiti strewn churches and squares would offer excellent street photography opportunities too.  As someone who could happily eat pizza every day for the rest of their life, I would love to visit the city where it was invented and experience the famous L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele restaurant which is known as “the sacred temple of pizza.” 


Every description I read of Rotterdam makes me instantly want to go there. “Urban grit,” “striking modern architecture,” “artistic,” and “fantastic nightlife” are phrases I’ve seen used to describe the Netherland’s second biggest city, and are all phrases which highly appeal to me. I’m always interested in seeing country’s “second cities” which I often find more interesting than their first due to the fact they are forced to carve out an identity not formed by tourism (Amsterdam is the Netherland’s biggest and most famous city, of course). Rotterdam also hosts Europe’s biggest port and I would be interested to see its bustling waterfront.


I am a Germanophile; if there is one country outside the UK I could see myself living in it would be Germany. I love Germany’s vibrant culture, it’s laid back bars, its fascinating history and its friendly people (I have found the rude German stereotype to be a myth). I have visited Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Dusseldorf and Dresden but I’m yet to visit Bavaria’s capital and Germany’s third largest city, Munich. Since I’ve loved everywhere else I’ve visited in Germany I have no reason to believe I wouldn’t love Munich. It appears to have lots of things to see and do and in photographs it looks very beautiful too.

Where is on your travel list for 2018?

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