Anti-establishment Graffiti in Greece is everywhere

The anger in Greece is everywhere. It’s in the taxi driver who picks you up at the at Thessaloniki airport and rants bitterly about the country’s resources being sold off too cheaply in order to pay its debts. It’s in the group of anarchists who gather in Athens’s Excharcia with protest banners. And it’s on its walls, graffiti scrawled everywhere displaying fight talk against the government, the police and the establishment. The residents of a country which suffered a devastating financial depression are angry and you can’t blame them. Many of them have had the future they imaged taken away from them through no fault of their own. Here’s anti-establishment graffiti we saw in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Greece anti-establishment graffiti

The Kiss of DiscordĀ mural in Psirri, Athens showing Greece Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel. It is modelled on the My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love mural on the Berlin wall.

Anti establishment mural in Greece

This amazing mural on the side of a block of flats in Thessaloniki shows a Parthenon made of Euros crumbling. It was created by a street art organisation called BLU.

anti establishment graffiti in Greece

Graffiti inĀ Psirri, Athens.

anti establishment graffiti in Greece

Thessaloniki. That A anarchist symbol was prevalent in Greece graffiti.

anti establishment graffiti in Greece

Exarchia, the well known anarchist area of Athens.

anti establishment graffiti in Greece

“Refugees welcome, patriots fuck off,” says this graffiti in Thessaloniki.

anti establishment graffiti in Greece

“Love ouzo, hate cops (followed by the anarchist symbol),” says this graffiti on Thessaloniki waterfront.

anti establishment graffiti in Greece

And another anarchist symbol on Thessaloniki waterfront.

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