This Is How Much Our Christmas Trip to New York Cost

Our next trip is booked and it’s a good one. From the end of November, for eleven nights, we are going to New York City!

This Is How Much Our Christmas Trip To New York Cost

We have been to New York several times before but only during spring and summer so this is going to be a completely new experience. It is also almost ten years since we were last there so I’m sure it will have changed significantly. This time instead of baking heat and sunshine glinting off the skyscrapers we’ll be experiencing the Big Apple in heavy winter coats with frost on the ground and our breath in the air. And of course we’ll be there for all the sights associated with New York at Christmas, like the tree at Rockefeller Centre, ice skating at Central Park and the Christmas displays in the windows on Fifth Avenue. I can’t wait to see if New York during the festive season is as magical as it looks in the movies.

This is How Much Our Flight To New York Cost

We booked our trip to New York just in time; for the last few years Norwegian Air has offered very cheap flights direct from Edinburgh but the airline has just announced they are stopping them next year. Paul and I managed to grab our return flights for both of us for just £560. Knowing the exact flights we wanted to book made this part of our trip planning very easy.

This is How Much Our New York Accommodation Cost

Booking our accommodation in New York was never going to be easy. There is no getting around it – New York accommodation is EXPENSIVE. Paul and I scoured the internet searching for that elusive cheap hotel and booking website but it simply didn’t exist. We decided early on we were not going to stay in Manhattan as Brooklyn is much cheaper and arguably a cooler borough to stay in, with plenty of bars, restaurants and hip neighbourhoods. We also realised early on that we were going to stay in an airbnb rather than a hotel as plush airbnbs were proving cheaper than even grotty hotels. When I saw the number of airbnbs available in New York I did feel slightly uneasy however; New York has among the most expensive rent in the world and every airbnb is a place to stay taken away from someone who wants to live in the city. That said, the hugely inflated price of New York hotels was the deciding factor in this case – on average an airbnb accommodation was half the price of a hotel.

(When I did a bit of asking around about budget accommodation options in New York, a blogger recommended the website Hotel Tonight. Hotel Tonight offers very cheap rates, the catch being that they are available on the very same night you are looking. The blogger’s advice was to book another hotel with a cancellation policy then check Hotel Tonight on the day you are due to arrive. Interesting idea and definitely worth investigating but we opted not to do that this time).

We then had to decide what area of New York we wanted to stay in. Like I said, we immediately ruled out Manhattan – every inch of it was very expensive. The cool, neighbourhood vibe of Brooklyn appealed to me anyway. When I visit a big city I always try to find an “up and coming” area to stay in and after doing a lot of reading on the excellent Culture Trip, a neighbourhood that kept coming recommended was Bushwick east of Williamsburg (apparently Williamsburg is now so gentrified and expensive it might as well be Manhattan). Not only does Bushwick look like a really cool place to stay, the airbnbs there are much cheaper than areas of Brooklyn closer to Manhattan. We managed to get this airbnb for £1190 for eleven nights.

This is How Much New York Trip Cost

Total cost of flights and accommodation for our trip to New York (for both Paul and I): £1750.

Have you ever been to New York at Christmas time or winter time? Do you have any tips or recommendations for me?

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