This Is How Much Our Trip To Naples Cost

Our first trip since New York has been booked. In less than two months time we are going to Naples!

I’ve wanted to go to Naples for a long time. I love badly behaved cities (I am from Glasgow after all) and the descriptions of Italy’s third biggest city sound so appealing; the narrow streets with flapping laundry, the spectacular views of Mount Vesuvius, and the pizza – especially the pizza.

Having read and loved the My Brilliant Friend book series I’m also really looking forward to seeing the streets featured in the book. Paul is going to a Napoli game which he’s very excited about.

Heres how we booked our trip to Naples and how much it cost.

Flights to Naples

Booking flights to Naples was pretty seamless. We’ve known for ages we wanted to go so when EasyJet announced they had introduced direct flights from Edinburgh Airport we immediately bookmarked them. Our city breaks are usually four nights but it worked out much cheaper to fly over five so we’re flying out on the Thursday night and coming back on the Tuesday.

Naples Accommodation

Booking Naples accommodation was slightly trickier but thankfully not too painful. We were pleasantly surprised to find accommodation across the board in the city to be very reasonably priced. Initially we wanted to stay in a hotel but most of the good ones were fully booked so we then began looking at AirBnBs. We had a vision of staying in a place with a balcony so when we saw this Naples airbnb with a balcony overlooking the narrow lane outside, we were sold. It is a great price and in a location close to the city centre and the Spanish Quarter.

Cost of Naples Flights and Accommodation

Five nights in Naples airbnb – £252

EasyJet flights from Edinburgh to Naples (for both me and Paul) – £229

Full cost of Naples trip for the two of us – £467

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